Where do you guys keep all your samples

Hey there
Assuming you do not want to clog you C drive, is there any smart practice to where to put all your sample files?
Thanks in advance for your learned opinions!

I have separate drives for programs, cubase projects, and samples… then I copy samples to project when as I start using them.

To any other drive that is not the C drive.

Got it. And the fact that it’s not on your C drive should not create a problem right?

As long as you’re able to access them from Cubase you’re OK!

Cool. Thanks for the clarification!

Main all files that are my user files like samples and wav. mp3 etc, raleted to sounds or instruments (VST) i create a directory on a seperate drive (not C) and store them in folders. Like Samples, Drums, Songs etc. All my user files. This includes VSTpresets. The good thing is move or copy all your stuff there and have it there. Even songs tracks that you maybe started but are not in the user folder ? Copy it all to your user folder. Can make backups of one directory and all your user files. So i have a backup copy of the same on another drive. You cant be too carefull about your own stuff. A good drive crash and all you user stuuf is lost. So i have 2 drives that i only use for backups. USB so i can only connect them when i make a backup once a year.