Where does Cubase 8 Artist reads "Port System Name" from?

I had to move my PC, so I unplugged all the USB cables, and when I connected them back up evidently I did not put my UR44 and Yamaha MX49/MX61 cables back in their old place. So when windows 7 came up, it rediscovered my USB devices and somehow in Cubase 8 “Device / Device Setup / Midi Port Setup” I ended up with a new port name “2-Yamaha MX49/MX611-1” to 1-5, so now when I open my old projects they are all complain about missing Midi port!!!

The old name was “Yamaha MX49/MX611-1” to 1-5

I tried uninstalling the “Yamaha MX46/MX61” and UR44 drivers from “Windows / Device Manager” and rebooting the PC but I ended up with yet a new name " 3 - Yamaha MX49/MX611-1" …, so I restored my PC from a GHOST backup and still have the “2-Yamaha MX49/MX611-1” …

Where is this property read from, or stored at so I can perhaps edit it.

Plz advise.

Cubase reads these data directly from the system. Unfortunately, Windows is working this way, if you connect the USB Device to the different USB port, it’s different device than before.

But you can try to delete the DevicesPort.xml File from your Preferences folder. This will create the list of MIDI ports from scratch. Hopfully, Windows will provide only currently “live” MIDI Ports.

Where is the exact location of this file I am not able to find it!! I have looked in C:* and %appdata%/Steinberg and fond something called “Port Setup.xml” removing that and restarting qbase did not solve the issue.


Yes, Port Setup.xml was the file. If it doesn’t help, delete even the MIDI Devices.bin file from the same folder (I hope it’s also there, on Windows).

I solved my problem, by restoring the PC from Ghost backup over and over and connecting up the Yamaha MX49/MX61 USB cable to different USB ports after each restore/reboot, until I found the port that did not trigger USB discovery and Auto Reconfiguration, that meant that the device was on its previously configured port (no windows re-discovery)

Once I had the MX49/61 in the right place, I repeated the restore and found the right locations for Yamaha UR44 and other USB devices…

Not an option if you do not have a GHOST backup of your PC.

Yep I even deleted all the XML files in that directory that were getting updated by Cubase (had current Time/Date), and did not help.

I looked in windows registry and found one key called “2- Yamaha MX49/MX61” with one property with same value renamed both, and deleted all XMLs and restarted Cubase and did not help.

There was still somewhere that the second name was being picked up from.

Anyhow, thx for the feedback, I solved my problem the old fashion way, see post in this thread.