Where does cubase store edit data?!

hey guys!

its a bit of a long post but i would most appreciate some help !

so i got my first batch of live drums to edit for an EP im doing and loaded them all up into cubase, mapped out all the tempos and started slip editing and then something weird started happening.

at first i thought it was a memory issue (which i kind of still do) so i went out and bought some more kingston hyper x ram 8gb to add to my 4gb already. so 12gb ram and my AMD phenom II x4 3.4ghz so its got plenty of juice.

anyways was editing away and it started lagging on edits and i noticed my memory usage was going up quite drastically every time i made an edit. i took no notice of it at first until i got a fucking runtime error C++ !

thats when i bought new ram, put it in, start up, 3 mins into the editing, SAME ERROR.

did some troubleshooting, saw that people were having the same problem with this C++ runtime error.

i loaded some old projects and the memory usage was fine, cubase was stable but as soon as i loaded this project with the drum edits my memory went up heaps again and low and behold runtime error.


why is cubase dumping my edits to my ram and then fucking up when it gets too high?
is there a setting i can change it where it dumps my edits to my hard drive or something?
i honestly am really not sure what to do.

any help would be appreciated !
sorry for the novel !

ps, running windows 7 x64 with 32bit Cubase 6.


If you’re running Cb32bit you can’t use the full memory amount, think you’re at least limited to 3GB for the app and all the plugins, so that could be your problem. You’d need to install Cb64 to overcome that, and then you’d have to run any 32bit plugins using a bridge.

Another thing is masses of edits - I always try to simplify tracks which have a lot of edits by bouncing down because I’ve observed instability if I don’t. So, I edit a track, when I’ve finished I dup the track then bounce down, save a dup project, then delete the original edited track (or I hide the edited track in a folder so it’s not displayed, also I disable it and bypass all plugins).


You’re right except a 32bit application like Cubase can address 4GB of memory address space on a 64bit system.
A 32bit OS like Windows XP is limited to 4GB memory address space but since that includes OS, applications and hardware devices, available memory will often show in the region of 3-3.25GB of which XP reserve a fair chunk to it self leaving precious little left for applications.

Try Backup To New Folder.