Where does Dorico look for VSTs?

Good evening friends!

I am re-installing Dorico and all other programs on my beautiful new laptop PC.
Quick question: where does Dorico look for VSTs and effects? It found all my VST3 plugins, but not my VST2 plugins.

I am on Dorico 3.5, computer is Windows 10 64 bit laptop. I looked at this article, but I got stuck at step 1, the preferences menu from ‘edit’.

Thank you!

You can try it with C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2
You’ll need to restart Dorico.
Then you go to Edit->Preferences->VST Plug-ins and down at the bottom it should list the VST2 so you can manually allow it.

By the way, you also can specify another path to look for the VST2s. Again open Edit->Preferences->VST Plug-ins and then click on the inviting plus icon to add a path to look for VST2-instruments.

The VST2 specification left open, where the plug-ins might be placed during installation, so it could be virtually anywhere. For that reason you have to tell Dorico where to look for VST2 plug-ins. You can give multiple search paths under Edit > Preferences on the VST Plug-ins tab.
But you also have to whitelist the VST2 plug-ins that you want to use, you do that also on that VST2 Plug-ins tab. And don’t forget that you have to restart Dorico if you make changes there.

All VST3 plug-ins work straight out of the box, because they get installed under predefined paths that are specified in the VST3 standard.

Many thanks, found the preferences tab and got it to work. Whitelisting VST2 plugins is a lot easier than it was at first.