Where does it note whether Grp is mono or stereo?

I know it indicates Stereo/Mono for Groups in the mixer, but I couldn’t find anyplace in the track list or Inspector that indicated that (unlike Audio tracks, which clearly indicates Stereo vs Mono) … am I missing that somehow?

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No you’re not missing anything…there is no indication in the track list…stereo & mono are identical.

Thanks for that, Grim. That’s a bummer though. Gotta go to the mixer to see? Maybe I’ll make all even number groups stereo/odd mono, or something, so I can stay in the track list/inspector.

Even in the mixer unless you open the routing view or the edit window there is no distinction as far as I can see.

Just to add how to activate the Stereo/Mono indications for audio tracks.

To activate the stereo mono indication:

  • Right click on the Audio Track.
  • Select “Track Control Settings”
  • On the right side click on “Channel Configuration” and click on “<< Add” to add this from the hidden to the visible controls
  • You might want to put the “Channel Configuration” all the way up and group it with “name”.
  • Stereo audio tracks recieve the icon oo
  • Mono audio tracks recieve the icon o


And when we’ve the possibility to change the mono to stereo and vice-versa without creating another track?


yes, this works for Audio tracks, however, there is no item named “Channel Configuration” for Group tracks. That’s the problem.

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