where does one report bugs\issues?

This behaviour has been reported the first time a few weeks after Dorico 1 was released. The solution is to move the breath mark into the 2nd bar, either by entering it in note entry mode or to move the breath mark with shift + alt + right arrow.

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Thanks HeiPet:

I did not find the reference to the Dorico 1 behaviour so I apologize for repeating the observation. Moving the breath mark to the second note before tying the two whole notes together does work. Adding the breath mark after creating a breve does not if the system break occurs half way through the note.

My concern, though, is more that one should not need to jump hoops to get the breath mark to appear. Fortunately, I caught it on proof-reading but I have no idea how many times in the past this has slipped through and a score or part is missing a crucial breath mark because of a system break.

What I most like about Dorico is that you don’t need workarounds. The program logic acts the way you do. I would love to see this breath mark behaviour corrected so that I don’t have to be aware that breath marks might disappear.


I’m sure this is still on the team’s todo list and will be addressed.

It seems that the breath mark (when created) attaches to the grid position at the start of the note and appears just before the next note (or rest) - select the breath mark and you can see the orange dotted attachment line.

As @HeiPet says, you can move the attachment point (although the keystroke is just alt-right, not shift-alt-right). There is no need to untie the breve in order to do this. If you move it into the latter part of your breve it will be unaffected by subsequent system breaks.

If you do find that breath marks have disappeared due to a system break - simply remove the break, reposition the breath mark (which will reappear) and reapply the break.

Thanks Janus:

I understand about the grid position and the necessity for moving the breath mark, although there does not seem to be a key command to do this on a Mac in either Write or Engrave modes. I believe the combination you gave is for Windows.

I am pleased that the team has this on their todo list.