Where does VST Join live? also VSTGO not working on iPad

I downloaded VST Join to my MacBook so I can connect with my main Studio computer to try it out…After VST Join is installed (and registered) where is it? how do I find it as its not in my Apps/ etc… I want to test it before I ask the guys in the band to download it - one uses Logic, and one uses Prosonus software, is it possible to collaborate with them using these sequencers?

I also downloaded VST go for my iPad Pro but unfortunately it doesnt work - I can’t log in using my existing account as it says it’s already in use so I
Opened a new account, after logging in it just comes up with ‘Logged out’

I would rather it worked on my MacBook but after it installs I cant find it? I have Cubase, Logic and Audacity on the Mac.

Join is a plugin for DAWs other than Cubase or Nuendo. VST Go login is with mySteinberg account.

Is the software Audio only? As MIDI tracks don’t get transferred, is that correct?

VST Transit Join is audio only, VST Transit for Cubase/Nuendo also features MIDI.