where has my output gone?

Hi fellow creators!

Somehow I lost my stereo signal when I’m working on my laptop with my built in speakers. I know that before it said stereo output 1,2 but my 2 is gone. When I connect my laptop to my studio setup and it uses a different output there is no problem. The sound also jitters slightly. I have a feeling that is because of this problem too.

Anyone ideas?

Tnx and have a great day!

Is the output completely gone or only the right channel?

Try changing the sample rate to 48kHz, wait for 3 seconds and set it back to 44.1kHz. Does sound come out again?

Tnx for your respond! It does give a sort of stereo sound but the jitter is strange. Normally there should be output 1,2 right? When I change the sample rate it doesn’t really affect anything.

Yes, normally it should be “1,2”, but it also could be "1, " so just a space or empty string instead of 2, and it should still work.
Could you make a short recording (even with just a smart phone) so that we can get an impression of what it sounds like.
Also, please do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and attach the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Hi Ulf,
Here are the docs requested
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (709 KB)
Erasplaats 87 8.m4a.zip (110 KB)

Thanks for the data.

As I assumed, the right output port has simply an empty string as name, but other than that it works fine.

For the logs, they don’t show anything unusual, but that does not have to mean that everything is working perfectly.
The recording sounds mostly fine, except for a little click noise appearing regularly. Well, difficult to say where it comes from.
You have NotePerformer and HALion Sonic, which of the 2 did generate sound during the recording?
Or does it not matter, the click noise happens always, regardless of the plug-in?
And is it also independent of the audio interface/driver you use? So no matter what driver you use,
it always sounds the same, or e.g. more or less clicks?
What if you use larger buffer sizes? Go to Edit > Device Setup and in there click Device Control Panel.
A new little window appears where you can adjust the buffer sizes.

Looks like Noteperformer is doing the noise here.
Buffer size increase didn’t really help but when I switched the sounds to Halion the glitches were gone.
Strangely I don’t here these when I use a different output for example my studio output…

Difficult to say what is wrong. Maybe you could also send that recording to Wallander Instruments and ask them if they might have an idea.