where has my vintage compressor gone ???

hi all probably the wrong forum so sorry :slight_smile:
I have Elements 7 and i just reinstalled it after a pc format and now the Vintage Compressor is’nt there. Now i don’t know if it should be there or not but it was there in my inserts before and i used it with impunity! I never bought it or otherwise. What’s happened anyone know ?
thx alot :slight_smile:

Yes, definitely the wrong forum. But, anyway …

Are you talking about the Cubase Vintage Compressor or a 3rd party plugin?

According to the feature comparison chart, Vintage Compressor is only included in the full Cubase version.


Hmmm … :confused:

well thats really weird then , i am talking about the Cubase Vintage Compressor and i have not done any illegal downloading ,dont even know if it’s possible to for this item, but it was there ,and as i am relatively a new person at this i used the compressor all the time as it was good and easy to use!