Where have my automation tracks gone? (new user)

I added Volume and Velocity Shift to all of my tracks in a project. Then after trying the Show functions in the Automation Panel I can’t seem to get them back. Show Automation from right-clicking on tracks only shows the volume automation track. Either I don’t understand the manual or I’m just missing something. Can anyone help?


Are you talking about automation or MIDI modifiers in the Inspector (default key alt/option-i)

Did you click bottom left side of track header? The button is hidden 'til you hover.

I’m talking about automation lines in the actual track.

Yes but now when I do that I don’t see the Velocity Shift automation track - only the Volume.

right click on the track and show used automation. That should display it.

When I do that the Volume track disappears until I right click and choose Show Automation. I have to add that I have no actual data on these automation tracks yet I was getting the project ready for mixing.

It remains if you add data and save to project (just tried it on mine). Even if you don’t add data - the track is actually still there, with a ‘waiting envelope’…you just have to reselect (In fact, i have a feeling all the envelopes in C& are ‘just waiting’)

So if I want a template with certain automation ready to write I need some data in it? Maybe that’s why they have the Show Used and Used Only buttons. I’m at my gig right now. I’ll try it when I get home. Thanks!

Yes…but…i don’t think you’ll need a template for an automation track. It’s “already there”.

I guess I’m not sure what I’m doing because I keep losing the ones I’ve set up and the only way I’ve figured out how to get them back is Show Used. If I don’t have data on a track I have to re-create it. I guess I just haven’t wrapped my head around it yet.