Where have my Post Fade sends gone?

If i have the mixer full screen they are there, but using just the lower half the PF sends on the Stereo out are missing completely.
This is only since today and i have re booted a few times for other reasons.


Of course, Output Channels don’t have Sends.

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Haha, of course, you are right. Thanks for pointing that out. Silly mistake.
What i did mean was post fader inserts. For some reason the amount of pre fade slots had increased and so knocked the post fade slots out of the window. i had to scroll down to find them. I hadn’t had to do this before. I had adjusted it to only have two pre fader slots so i could see pre and post together. ive moved the green line back to where i had it before and its all good.
Thanks again.


Sorry for my misunderstanding. Yes, the number of Insert slots increased from 8 to 16. By default 2 last slots remain Post, so now these are slots 15&16. But you can easily change it.

No need to apologise, it was my fault for not being clear. It was because Sends and Post are orange i got confused when i wrote the first post.
Thanks for clearing that up though. i thought i was going mad.