Where have Sonnox gone?

Just upgraded to Wavelab 9.5 and cannot find my Sonnox restoration pluggs. I know that Steinberg have included a new restoration suite, but my favorites from Sonnox are gone. Do I need to revert to Wavelab 9 where they worked perfectly to use them? I cannot locate them on my MAC either. Are they hardcoded into Wavelab or should I see them in a folder somewhere? Can they be moved and rescanned so I can use them in WL 9.5???

For licensing reasons, they are no longer installed with WaveLab.
But you can copy your old plugins. You can find them in the WaveLab 9.app bundle. Open that bundle and search. You can then copy them to the plugin folder, not to the WaveLab 9.5 bundle.

Thx for your answer and pls forgive my ignorance but I cannot seem to locate the Wavelab app bundle. What is the path?

I found it!!
Found the path in the plugin section of Wavelab 9 and right clicking on the Wavelab 9 program icon opened up the file system where I found them. Copied and pasted into VST3 folder. All works!!


I found it too! Thanks!