Where in God's Name is the equivalent of "Ctrl+Drag"

I ran out of space in the subject title to explain briefly the question. Hopefully it will grab some attention.

I’m a new convert to Cubase 8 on Mac Pro. I understand how Mac Key Commands are different from PC and have worked plenty on Macs prior. With regard to my jump from CB 5 to Cubase 8, I even won’t start my list of VERY useful features they’ve thrown out with the bath water since Cubase 5 that REALLY sped up my mixing and event editing. Namely the “Save All Mixer Settings.” What in God’s name possessed them to do away with that??? THAT’s an entire topic I will take up with the features thread when I have time, but I digress…

MY ISSUE that I need HELP On:
My emergency issue right now is fundamental… When I was on PC in my very sturdy version of “5” in Windows 7, when I wanted to drag a wave or any other event on the project pallet to another track or up or down the lane I’m working on , I would hold my Control key and drag the event keeping it in time with it’s placement with the project. So in other words “Ctrl+Dragging” up or down anywhere kept my event in time with the origin from which I am moving it from.

I’m on Mac now trying to edit and it’s taking me 3 times as long trying to re-learn some fundamentals that don’t work the same in Mac. Yes, I actually get around in Mac fine, and I understand that “Command” on a Mac is the equivalent to “Control” on PC. I’ve known that for years.

BUT for some dang reason when I hold “Command” to try to select and drag the wave even, I see the cursor turn into a little speaker and it “acts” like it’s playing the event but I don’t hear anything, in other words it’s a function that is completely useless.

I’m sure this is one of those “DOH!” moments and that all I have to do is change a preference feature, but I have NO idea what that feature is, in order to change it.

I will continue to try to find the fix and will report back if I resolve it, but if someone knows the answer PLEASE help a brother out. I’ve combed the web looking for the answer and can’t find it. This is my last resort other than waiting until Monday to call tech support.


calm down a bit…

help will then come soon :sunglasses:

I found it! But it still doesn’t make sense because I went into preferences under "Editing>Tool Modifiers>Drag & Drop> and the “Constraint Direction” modifier is actually what I’ve been trying to use, which is “Command” then drag & drop. Well, even though that is the factory setup, I found out by doing my own attempts using different key, that the following in what I have to do in spite of what Cubase’s assignment “says” should be the key command modifier:

Editing Tool Modifiers for Drag & Drop
:ugeek: - Constraint Direction = Shift+Command
:ugeek: - Constraint Direction Copy of Event = Shift+Alt(Option)+Command