Where is Acoustic Agent?


I just did the update to Cubase 8 Pro but I do not see where is the virtual acoustic drum “Acoustic Agent”.

Does anyone can tell me exactly what I need to do to access it?

thank you very much.


If you open Groove Agent SE, some of the presets will use Beat Agent, and others will use Acoustic Agent. You can see which ‘agent’ is used for each preset under the filter column on the right. You can also arrange the filter to show only Acoustic Agent presets.

Thank you for the quick response . I’m not sure I understand . When you say :

You can see which ‘agent’ is used for each preset under the filter column on the right

You mean the MediaBay ?

This is off the top of my head… but in the MediaBay you can order the columns by sub genre so that the “Acoustic” kits, or something similar, are listed first. You may have to add an extra column to the MediaBay filter list.

try to load a kit then enable filtering

Ignore the help here as I have GA4 and it doesn’t quite work the same. I wrote the help and rant before I checked it out and I’m stunned. I can’t be bother to rant any more but just quadruple the rant below and add a couple of hundred swear words.

I’ll leave the help in in case anyone has GA4

Select an agent/Load/Media Bay

To the right of the Media bay tab and Browser tab is a drop down menu. This filter menu allows you view specific agents or all agents. Select the Accoustic agent and load one of the presets and then you’ll see the Accoustic agent icon appear in the selected agent.

This is all cocked up like a lot of groove agent. You should select whatever is in the filter menu and see the correct icon before you even load a preset. Interface designer at steinberg are just dumplings. I remember a job was advertised for interface designers at steinberg but I thought I’ll never get it. I’m not a genius but I can do better than this nonsense.

A bit of help doled out and a good old rant. Set me up for my dinner. Yum.