Where is Acoustic Stamp?

Hello folks,

Nuendo used to have a tool called Acoustic Stamp, under Audio > Process >Acoustic Stamp

Where is it? Otherwise, do you know if it was replaced by another funtion or tool?


Here is a pic.


Some offline processes were removed because the stock plugins do a similar/better job. For convolution reverb like Acoustic Stamp, use REVerence.

Oh ok. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you Romantique!

Speaking of Reverence, are there any presets you find particularly useful, and why?

I found that Nuendo has 78 more REVerence presets than Cubase.

The Studio presets are pretty good for making close miced sources sound more natural without muddying things up. At around 50% mix, NY Studio and Tokyo Studio can also be used to add a little more “boom” to sounds that need it.

The rest of the IRs will be pretty situational but they’re pretty good. They were originally made for Yamaha’s SREV1 from 2000, but I think they aged pretty well.

Awesome, thanks a lot!