Where is autenuttion trim from old mixer?

Can’t find autenuttion on console top position? Is it away or hidden?

Where is the prader send option?

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Whats autenuttion? Could you please be more specific in describing your request?

"Where is the prader send option? "

Do you mean the Pre- Fader send option?
Right click on the send and then choose “Move To Pre Fader”. You can see that a send is Pre on the little triangle in the below left corner.

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I think he’s talking of the gain knob from the old mixer.

Have to enable Pre(filters/gain/phase) in the Rack section.

The OP is talking about the TRIM knob at the top of the old mixer.

If you mean the gain knob, guitman is right, the “Pre- Gain” is indeed in the pre section which you still have to enable in the rack by clicking on the “Racks” button on top of the mixer. Also you can find the gain in the channel strip section of the edit channel window if you click on the “E” symbol.


IMHO this new input gain scheme is clunky. I mean, now I have to drop a menu and push a button to enable input gain adjustment? Come on. The old one was a lot more acessible and straightforward.

yes, I ment gain knob. I think it’s to far away now. Maybe it’s also good to start to work without it and control channel levels with some plugin like Satson or something of this kind.

Absolutely. In a hardware mixer, it’s a vital piece of the sound control. I use it all the time in Cubase, because all these VSTi’s run way too hot, compared to the way I record audio tracks.

I agree, almost all Vsti are allready on internal level around 10 db to loud, the best way is to turn off their level at start.

Does anyone know if that pre-gain is pre inserts? I’m assuming it is, but want to be positive because I intend to use that to gain stage pre-insert so I can get about -16 to -18 dB going into my plugins. Thanks for any help.

it is, but regardless channels have an input trim even if it wasn’t.