Where is Basic Audio CD Tab?

Isn’t supported anymore? :frowning:

I really hope there is some mistake.
Basic Audio cd is a very useful feature for many reasons.
First of all, you can create a simple and fast audio cd.
Secondly, you can enter with the right order your audio tracks -> convert to audio montage -> markers ready, everything fast and ready for the next mastering steps.
I really hope it’s somewhere there and I still haven’t found it.

Hey @PG bring some light please to this subject.

thanks in advance

The Basic Audio CD has been removed from WaveLab 10.
This feature was introduced more than 20 years ago… in the last century (!).
It has been removed because it had a maintenance cost, and because there is nothing it can do that a montage can’t do. You mention the speed of use, but the montage can be used to create a CD as easily, thanks to the CD Wizard. It’s a matter of habit. Sorry, because I know it can be uncomfortable to change habits.

Last but not least, you can import Basic Audio CDs in WaveLab 10. They are converted to audio montages.

Ok, it’s not the end of the world but it is indeed uncomfortable for the specified tasks I mentioned before. I’ll keep using Wavelab 9.5 for fast audio cds and the editing - mastering jobs at version 10.
Other than this removal, it is a very good release.

Owww @PG and I am 20 years Wavelab user! :slight_smile:

I feel your pain as I sometimes still use this for convenience, but, as said best by PG:

… but in my experience it’s almost always worth it.

I wrote a big rant about this as my workflow was similar to Arionas. But before I posted, I decide to poke around a bit. I dragged some files into an empty montage and then select the clips tab (which I never had used). I found that it gave me a list similar to the basic CD list that I could easily reorder.

That’s good enough for me. Hope that helps someone.

That said, I’ve never found Wavelab’s UI all that intuitive but I’ll adapt. I’m more concerned with the bugs I’m seeing reported on the forum. I think I’ll wait a bit before upgrading and see if these issues are real.

Is the CD Text section broken in Wavelab 10?

No. Why would you think it might be?


Definitely not

Then it’s very different than 9.5 and how the manual says it’s used. I can’t figure out how to add CD text to individual tracks on version 10.0.30.

If you have any insight, I’d really appreciate it!


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