Where is C7 perferences?

Hi guys does anyone know where the is C7 preferences folder is located in Win 7?.

Start>All Programs>Steinberg Cubase 7>User Settings Data Folder.


Hi Jimmys69,Thanks for the reply.Actually i did just check that folder,twice actually!,but I didn’t see anything there called preferences .
Do you know what name it would be under in there.

The complete folder is the “preferences”

Si. :slight_smile:

Like I said my friend, I checked twice,maybe i missed something, but i dont recall seeing anything called preferences.
Is it possible it’s in there under another title?

Wait a minute, are you saying the entire User Data folder is the "Preferences’?.Really?
Ok??,Cause, I remember I did this a long time ago and there was a folder called "Preferences’.
Right on!.I guess times have changed!.:slight_smile:
So If I delete this “User Data” folder C7 will reload the factory defaults then??.
OK,then.Thanks!. Man.

Ok,thanks man!.problem solved!.
lesson learned.

Good to hear! :slight_smile:



Good stuff there. Thank you!