Where is crash report log file on mac os X ?


I have a lot of crash with cubase and i would like to check what’s going on but i can’t find any log file .

Cubase artists 8
Macbook pro
Mac Os X 10.10.5

thanks for the help

Hi and welcome,

I’m sorry to hear this.

You can find all crash logs in the Console system utility. On the left side of the Console, open the User Diagnostic Reports. Here, you can see crashes of all applications, in the alphabetical order. Select the name of the crashlog (for example Cubase 8_2015-08-17-…), drag-and-drop it to the desktop (or somewhere). Now, you can operate with it as with a normal file (which it is, in fact).

Same question - but for the PC (Windows 7, 64-bit in particular).


Please, guys, before you send a crashlog to Steinberg…, make sure, you have the latest Cubase version. In best, make sure, you have the latest plug-ins versions. If you have clear repro of the crash, please, write it down.


Thanks for the answer,
i’m pretty sure it’s a third party plugin that make it crash , that’s why i want to check the rash report to indetify which one(s) .

What is the email to send these crash reports?

I also want to know the e-mail address. i can’t find official technical support e-mail address but i can find only local suppliers information.

I would say, there is no official e-mail address for crashdumps.

I would contact your local technical support, with the requestt to pass it to Steinberg.

You can contact support via web form after you log in to your “My Steinberg” account. Also possible to attach files.