Where is Cubase's "bloatware" located?

Hi fellow Cubase users, my first post in here :smiley:

I’m in a position where I’ll be constantly in the move for the next few months and I’m stuck with a MBP with some very modest storage capabilities. I already have a “storage hog” plugin that is indispensable for my workflow (Omnisphere 2), that already pretty much takes almost half of my HD space, so I would like to ask the more expert users if you know where I can find most of Cubase’s bloat to get rid of it (pre-made midi, stock samples, stock loops, etc).

Relevant points:

1- Using a Macbook Pro laptop with El Capitan and Cubase 8
2- Not to keen on using external HD, so I really wish to deal with this ITB

Thanks a lot

Hi and welcome,

Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content

This folder contain HALion Sonic SE 2 and Groove Agent SE Sound content, the biggest content. If you don’t need it…

Thanks! Much appreciated

Also, if your MBP is one that still has a internal DVD, you can swap that out and with a Drive caddie replace the dvd with another hard drive there are hundred of these on eBay for 20 buck or less. then you can move your app/data/user stuff to the new bigger HD I’ve always had this set up on my MBP works great