Where is Edit->Cut Head & Edit->Cut Tail?


In Nuendo 4 there were two commands;

Edit->Cut Head


Edit->Cut Tail

I don’t see this in Cubase 6.5. Could someone please tell me what these two functions are now called? You would place the cursor somewhere hear the front of the clip, select Edit->Cut Head, and the clip would now have the front trimmed off up to the cursor.

Thanks for you help.

Split at cursor?

No, split at cursor is something else.

“Cut Head” is the same as split at cursor AND delete everything on the right of the cursor for the one selected part/clip only.

I guess I could make a macro that does this but I just wanted to check that it’s not there in Cubase first.

Ah - gotcha. No, Cubase does not have that feature. Yes - you can make a macro.