Where is Expressive in Dorico

I don’t find Dorico expressive. I have to create it.

Yes, if you want a Paragraph Style for Expressions, you need to create one yourself.

If you Save it As a Default, you can then assign a key shortcut to it.

I use Shift E.

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An alternative is to add “expressive” text as part of a dynamic. You can hide the immediate dynamic (f, mf, mp etc) if you like.


Could you explain to me how to save as determined please?

Any paragraph that you have saved as default (by clicking the Star button for it in the Paragraph Styles dialog) becomes available in Preferences > Key Commands for assigning a key command – that is, you can set up a key command that simultaneously starts adding a text item, and pre-selects that paragraph style (for text formatting, size etc) in one go.

I wonder how many new users don’t come across these obstacles very quickly when trying Dorico. It’s not covered in First Steps as far as I’m aware.

Any newcomers trying to make tempo markings look like those in the original score of the First Steps example piece are going to be similarly bewildered.

In my opinion, Dorico is doing itself no favours here.


I agree. This could be already baked in, and if you want to change it, then do.

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I have been a Dorico user since its first presentation and indeed, as you have now, I have not had the need to use the expressive, I have never encountered these problems.
But now I am preparing for my son the Schumann concert for piano in a banda version (band from the Valencian community) and it is true that I notice these things are missing, that does not stop him from considering Dorico a great program and being very satisfied with it. he.
With the Note performer playback and Vienna pro libraries combined I am almost happy, I only need some good Note saxophones.