Where is FM Lab's "TX81z" emulation mode hidden?

I have watched the introduction videos and checked the new manual, but I cannot find the option in the pull-down menu to switch from Halion mode to TX81z mode. On my screenshot you can see that the options are Halion, FM-X, and DX7. I’m probably on the wrong page, how can I get the TX81z option to show? Thanks!

The mode is not important until you start to modify the TX81Z patch you imported. In other words, there’s no emulation of a TX81Z as such, you just import a patch and there you go. If you want to build on it, HALion mode is the most flexible, the other two modes just emulate the characteristics of editing the respective models, not the actual hardware.

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Thanks for the info, good to know! But on which screen is this option available in case I want to edit like on the TX81z? I own one and it would therefore be of interest to be able to continue programming 4-Op sounds like I’m used to.

There seems to be some misunderstanding.
FM Lab/HALion 7 FM Zone

  • is able to import and edit TX81Z sysex, via the “import” view.
  • It comes with 128 TX81Z presets, findable as “Layers” in the Media Bay.
  • It comes with 8 TX81Z algorithms, findable in the algorithm search…

There is NO dedicated TX81Z “view”. Just the general algorithm editor, which should be great for the job.
For editing new TX81Z based sounds, you can disable all but the four operators you need or start with the algorithm presets.

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Thanks! I must have gotten that menu entry confused with the algorithms menu. I looked through Steinberg’s videos again and must have remembered wrongly. Thank you for clarifying!

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I searched for “Layers” in HALion 7 MediaBay - zero results.
How do I find the TX81Z patches?

A walk through.

For good measure reset the media bay filter by clicking in this little area here.

Click the FM Lab Tile.

Change the Programs filter to Layers here:

Scroll down until you see them…


Thank you Brain, appreciate that.