Where is FM Lab's unison voices mode?

I couldn’t find the unison mode in FM LAB, nor did I see any reference about it in the user manual. Did I miss something or did unison simply not exist in FM Lab?

I have exactly the same question. The many possibilities of HALion are not so helpful if many presets, for instance those that use FM Lab, have a Zone Editor that does not offer Sections.
Or do I miss something?

Please note that most of the libraries included with Halion 7 are fully editable. Only the new FM Lab and Tales libraries offer limited editability outside their Macro Pages.

FM Lab includes the majority of the most important parameters in Halion 7. Unfortunately, its Macro Page doesn’t include Unison controls, and as mentioned above, FM Lab has limited editability outside of what’s presented on this page and its tabs. Despite this limitation, FM Lab still allows you create complex custom Programs and use multiple instances of the library in a single Program.

The FM Synth Layer in Halion 7 doesn’t have this limitation. You’re free to use any of Halion 7’s parameters (including Unison), or even make a nifty custom Macro Page for your Program.

Thanks. Yes, I noted that the FM Synth Layer offers unison. This just doesn‘t help if one would like to start from an FM preset and extend it by, e.g., unison. One would have to dial in all FM Lab settings into a self-built HALion instrument that offers all sections.
I guess and hope that Steinberg will work on making FM Lab more open for HALion 7 owners.