Where is GEQ-30 file located? (API 560 inspired?)

Hi, I’ve been searching all over for the .dll or vst3 for this but for some reason it just doesn’t show up and alot of the other stock plugins do, Is it deliberately hidden or something?

And on a side note, given the EQ frequency points it appears to be inspired by the API 560, does anyone know which of the curves are closest to it? I was looking for the file to load in VST analyzer and compare to other API 560 emu’s but like I say I can’t seem to locate the file.

Any info on either points?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

The frequencies are ISO standard, most graphic EQs use these same frequencies. GED can have an analog-like response, but it’s not directly based on a hardware unit.

This plugin can only be loaded by Cubase. None of the stock VST3 effects are loose files that can be loaded by an analyzer.

Hi, belated thanks.

I’m now wondering what filter mode on the GEQ-10/30 would be closest to the response of the API 500 or other classic graphic EQs?