Where is HALion 1

My Cubase 7 Artist documentation says that HALion 1 (and plugins Monologue, Embracer, and Tonic) are available for download so that CB 7 can correctly play projects from Cubase 4.

I cannot seem to find anywhere on the Steinberg website where these downloads are available- I’ve even checked the ftp webiste.

Can somebody please identify where these files are to enable my CB7 Artist to play some CB 4 tutorials needing Halion 1 and the plugins ?

Alternatively my CB 6 Elements disk appears to have an “extras” file of HALion 1. Can I somehow
use this with my CB7 so that the CB 4 instruments in HALion 1 will be properly located and used
by CB7 when I play these old projects ? If so, what do I do ?

Thanks for any help. I’m frustrated and about ready to try to find and buy an old mangey CB4
(which I would assume has HALion 1 and the plugins, correct ?)

Assuming you mean HalionOne…there’s this on the ftp.


Not sure if it will work as a full install though.

Seems like a lot of effort to go to just to watch some outdated tutorials.

Yes, its HALionOne.

I also saw that file you mentioned in the ftp site and it appears its just an update and not
a full install.

I just thought if CB7 went to the trouble to mention the availability on the website of HALionOne
specifically to play older projects correctly in CB7 that it should be easy enough to find. Apparently not.

And the reason for my trying to get it is I’ve been learning CB midi editing from a book
“MIDI Editing in Cubase”. Although its based upon CB4, there is an accompanying CD
which has all the projects from the book to play with and learn from. And although
I’m not a CB7 jock yet I am hoping the basic fundamentals of MIDI editing (quantizing, controller lanes, etc.) as taught from CB4 will apply to CB7. And I’ve just never seen any other 200 page
book on the specific subject of MIDI editing in CB that was specific to CB7.

Anyway, thanks for responding.