Where is Halion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE content?

Hey, guys.

I installed Cubase 11 Pro on a new box. From the Download Manager, I then installed Halion SE and Groove Agent SE. However, both of them come up with no content.

I’ve looked around in Download Manager and the Groove Agent content seems to require a license. Maybe some come with Cubase and some don’t, it’s not clear to me. I can find no reference at all to Halion content.

Can anyone advise on the proper installation steps for these?



Download the content from the Cubase Pro 11 section of the Download Assistant

Hey, Steve.

Thanks very much for the help, man. I’d seen that section but I never clicked on the icon because I thought it was just the application install. I do this so rarely that apparently I have to keep relearning this stuff, but all good now.