Where is Hardware in "channel type filter" on the MixConsole toolbar


“Hardware” used to be among the channel types on the MixConsole toolbar. Where can I find it, please?


If the hardware supports it, you can find it in the MixConsole on the top as the very 1st Rack.

Hi Martin,

I have MR816CSX. I see MR816 Hardware setup in the Studio menu but It doesn’t show up there! Is it because It was discontinued?

Last time, I saw it was with C9.5 or C10, if I am not mistaken.


Unfortunately I have to say this area is quite shaky. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on the driver version, Cubase version, sometimes even the order if you switch the Audio Device on first or not…

In general, it should work the very same way you know it from Cubase 9 or 10.

Thanks Martin for confirming. As you see in the attachment, it shows in C9.4 and C10.

From CoreAudioDevice setting: Yamaha Steinberg FW version: with Driver V1.7.5.

Should I move this to Issue forum?

I tried to load MR and switched the Audio Device on first and second. No luck!