Where Is Hybrid Hit? Missing?

Hi all,

I have Cubase 12 but can’t seem to find Hybrid Hit in Halion. There are a number of items that I did not install. For example “Rock Pop Toolbox”. Is that what contains Hybrid Hit or is it somewhere else? If anyone knows it’d be great to hear from you.



The “Halion Sonic SE Content” download for Cubase Pro includes the following libraries:

HS SE Basic
HS SE Artist
HS SE Hybrid

HS SE Hybrid is not the same thing as Hybrid Hit!

On top of the libraries above, Cubase 12 also introduces Verve as a free library that can be downloaded separately.

Here is a quick overview of what’s included with Rock Pop Toolbox.

Thank you so much for your response R_T.

So, in short, Hybrid Hit does not come as standard with Cubase 12 Pro? It seems well worth having though so I might go for the £60.

I do find it a little confusing that Cubase 12 includes things like Retrologue 2 and Padshop 2 which (like Hybrid Hit) are also available to download from the “Instruments and Plugins” part of the downloader.

Cheers again R_T,


To clarify, Retrologue and Padshop have their own entries because they’re also available for purchase for users who don’t have Cubase. It would be a waste to make them Cubase exclusive after all, since they can easily compete with other highly regarded commercial plugins.

To avoid confusion, always click your version of Cubase in the Steinberg Download Assistant before downloading anything. This entry will always have the latest valid versions of all bundled content for your version.

That’s right, in the past I’ve only been clicking on “Cubase” in the Download Assistant. But as there is no Hybrid Hit there I’m guessing you have to pay for it. Is that not correct?

Cheers R_T,


That’s correct, sorry if it wasn’t clear. Hybrid Hit is a library you have to pay for.

Shame but … I might have to do it. Hybrid Hit is a cool thing.