Where is iPad project saved

Thanks for the Update for iPad!
Just so you are aware: after updating Dorico, the Dorico folder did still not show up in the “Files”-App on my 12.9" iPad Pro with iOS 14.
Even after updating to iOS 15.5 the folder is still invisible (it’s visible on my mac, though)

Indeed, the update will not magically solve the case of the invisible folder on its own: we are in touch with Apple about that problem and hope that they will be able to provide some assistance in the near future.

Okay, I just read the blog entry. On my iPad it says in the Update Notes (in German):

“The Dorico-Folder in the iCloud Drive now appears as expected in the Files App”

This seems to be a misleading information, then.

Yes, I’m afraid that’s wrong in the non-English versions of the release notes, due to an oversight on my part. Obviously we hoped that we had solved this problem with this update, but in fact we have not, and we are now in contact with Apple about it, since it is looking increasingly as if they will have to do something to resolve it.