Where is it?

I have Halion Sonic and was really interested in orchestra sounds, but then I found that Halion 4 does not have all the orchestra sounds that are in HSO. However when I go here to purchase, HSO is not listed. http://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/vst/product/halion-symphonic-orchestra.html

Did they discontinue it, and perhaps coming out with an updated version of HSO that will be available around AES in New York?

Bump, Me too cant find it. I wanted to see if it was comaptible with VST3 and all that expression tech

Just for info, HSO full version is discontinued - I checked.

I sense that there is going to be another version soon. I used my little green rader stick that my psychaitrist does not know about.

Cool. Not. I recently upgraded to Cubase 6 (and bought new DAW hardware) and bought the full version of HSO - which looks to be several years old, judging from the manual. Although it was installed by the hardware seller, I have not been able to get HSO to make a sound. For example, when I create an instrument or midi track and set the output to HSO, I can see the faders jump when I hit a key on my keyboard and I can even record a track. But I get no sound. I can copy the track (as a midi track) to another instrument track - like one using Halion SE - and it will play (some other Halion SE instrument of course).

I did load up a template sample cpr from the disk (Schubert’s unfinished symphony) and the audio tracks play, but the MIDI tracks do not. I did notice that when I loaded it I had to remap all the ports and I get an error message: “Missing Ports” which identifies “1706351186” as the missing port and under it shows “MIDI, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, etc . . . double basses, MIDI 16”. “Missing 1706351186” also shows in the inspector for the MIDI tracks in the output.

The other thing I notice is that their are no .fxp or .fxb files on the CD or anywhere in my hard drives. These are according to the documentation the program and library files. When I go to load a library Halion can’t find one. The .hsb smample files are there however, and they load up.

If anyone can help me it would be great.

If you’re working in 64 bit then practically no VST works with Steinberg’s VSTbridge, you will need to get JBridge - its cheap. If your in 32 bit, then I have no idea what is going on sorry.