Where is keycommand file saved?

Where is keycommand file saved? So we can copy it and import into cubase 8

On the Mac:

Just copy Key Commands.xml from
~/Library/Preferences/Cubase7/Key Commands.xml
~/Library/Preferences/Cubase8/Key Commands.xml

You might need to unhide the Library folder:
Mavericks and Yosemite

I’m on PC…

I haven’t used Cubase on a PC, but this page should help:

After copying the Key Commands.xml file, you may need to load your previously saved key commands preset in Cubase.

See page 1001 in the Cubase 8 Pro manual.

I’ve located the .xml file ! BUT I COULD NOT LOADED INTO CUBASE 8, as c8 requires .key file…

Sorry - I think I got it wrong. The import option is not needed.
When I installed Cubase Pro 8, I copied the Key Commands.xml files from an earlier version of Cubase. When I ran Cubase 8, my saved preset names were already available in the Presets drop-down list. I didn’t have to import them.

I think .key files were used in much earlier versions of Cubase. See the first few posts here:


Hello fellow musicians

if you are on a mac and can’t find it, remember to do this:
in FINDER go to GO (in the menu) but while holding the ALT option pressed

this last part so crucial or you won’t see the file show up and probably you did a search on its name and couldn’t find it (like I did) don’t waste your time, do the above:
in finder hold first your option (also names ALT key pressed)

then navigate to

PREFERENCES (keep option key pressed at all times)

voila, there you are, copy paste your precious xml file,
or do as I do drag it into a mail to yourself and your safe for importing them

hope this helps, I write this because I learned so much from other kind people here so if you ever solve an issue, take time to post it here, we all can help each other to save more time to compose music instead of doing technical troubleshooting :slight_smile:


:raised_hands: THANKS!