Where is List Editor

I used Cubase Pro 4 for years because I was also using Nuendo. I have upgraded to Cubase Elements 11. Have they removed the List Editor? I thought that was a basic part of midi sequence editing? Thanks


I would call that a downgrade, Elements is lowest of the derivatives. I guess you didn’t you have a license to update to Cubase Pro 11…

List editor is not included, as documented in the comparison table:


It wasn’t a licensing issue. I am mostly mixing and audio editing, so I am using Nuendo 10.5. Since I had been using Cubase 4 for midi creation for so long I just assumed that basic (list editor) function would be included. I just needed the creation functions and not all off the mixing functions. Guess I’ll be upgrading to 11 Pro to get the “old” basics.

Why? Nuendo and Cubase are identical except for the added features in Nuendo.

HI Steve,
I have been using Nuendo for production since version 1. I was using Cubase VST for sequencing. At the time Cubase was predominately midi creation (and didn’t have the production and mixing tools) and Nuendo was production (and didn’t have the midi tools, also higher sample rate etc…) as a direct competitor to Pro Tools. This has been my setup for more than 20 years. Old habits die hard. LOL!

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My problem now is after upgrading to Cubase 11 Pro from Cubase Elements 11 it is blacklisting my Battery 4 and several other Komplete 13 instruments. Not happy about that since I have been using Battery since the first version. Do you have any ideas?

I do not know… I’d suggest starting a new topic for those questions

Yup. I did that yesterday and have not gotten any feedback. I guess I’ll have to escalate to product support. I hope that works.