Where is MIDI Modifier on Cubase Elements 11

Hi everyone,

I want to randomize the velocity on a midi drum track, however I can’t seem to find the MIDI Modifier in the Inspector tab. It doesn’t show even when right-cliking in the tab

Help ? :frowning_face:

I’m sorry to say but i think MIDI modifiers is only in Cubase Artist and Pro editions…

From: Compare the versions of Cubase | Steinberg

Edit: Actually, that section i’ve pasted is related to ‘MIDI Effects’, so perhaps it does exist in Elements via the inspector - Have you tried clicking the ‘setup’ option at the bottom of the inspector tab? This defines what can be seen in the inspector so it may just be hidden.

Hopefully someone else can confirm if it is a part of elements, as i’ve probably confused you more! :slight_smile:

Right click on the inspector and add the tab.

the MIDI Input Transformer can also do some work for you.