Where is MIDI pitch bend in Dorico 4?

Conversion of one of my scores to Dorico 4 has seen playback preserved, but although I’m hearing trombone shakes in my music, I’m not seeing the attendant manual edits to pitch bend represented in the Key Editor. There are only options to show the numbered MIDI control channels (0 - 127).

I don’t see any section on MIDI pitch bends in the Dorico 4 online documentation, either.

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Not sure if this is your problem, or if it got fixed in Dorico 4, in some previous Dorico releases, when using the SE sound-set (shouldn’t be a problem if you’re using HSO Trombone), I noticed that there was a trombone that Dorico would assign a CC1 based expression map (for dynamic control) by default.

Strange, because the trombones in HALion Basic and Artist libraries have ‘vibrato’ on CC1, not expression volume. So, as Dorico went about sending ‘dynamics’ to the instrument…it ultimately just made it sound wonky/shaky and out of tune.

Changing the expression map for the stave to "Default’ fixes the truly awkward play-back.

Oh, I don’t have a problem with playback, thanks; my pitch-bent trombones sound just the way I intended. It’s just that I can’t see the MIDI pitch bend channel in Dorico 4, so if I want to edit the shakes, or relocate their notation, I’m totally out of luck. (Neither can I add pitch bend anywhere else in the score, obviously.)

I still have 3.5 installed, I think I’ll just stick with that until assorted features are put back into 4. All good. :+1: