Where is mixconvert when using Direct Routing?

When using direct routing from a 5.1 group to a stereo group, how do I access the mixconvert plugin that is active? My tones are at -20 and I would like the tones on the stereo channel to also be at -20.

Double click on MixConvert (which should be where the panner is) and adjust the settings to your liking.


Sorry so ignorant. But I still can’t find this. Can you post a screen shot or more specific directions? Maybe my mixer/channel settings aren’t showing all possible sections? Here is my Direct Routing using a test tone.

Direct routing does not use mix convert. It uses a regular down mix with fixed parameters. See the manual.
So only the regular output can have a mix convert (accessed via the panner). But I suggest NOT using that when using direct routing.
Whenever direct routing is used the first (Main) destination needs to be the widest format for everything to work properly.

Yes this is limiting…

I use sends when I need to format convert the way I want to,

What Eric said …


Thank you.