Where is my audio waveform "ghost" image in automation lane?

Hi - has this changed from Cubase 7.5.40 (my last Cubase before I upgraded to Cubase Pro 9)?

In Cubase 7.5.40 there was a graphical copy of the audio waveform in the audio automation lane, which was extremely handy for precisely placing automation points.

Now in my C9.0.10, there is no waveform visible in the automation lane. I went through the preferences but didn’t recognize the right one (eyes do glaze over, I must admit … but shouldn’t the preferences have been brought over from C7.5.40 anyway? …).

Does anyone else have those audio waveform “ghost” images in the automation lane, or were they removed in C9.0.10? Or could you point me to the preference please?


Hi Alexis,

Open up the Automation panel (F6)
Click on the cog on the Automation panel (lower left)
Check Show Data on Tracks

That all you need,

Jim B

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Thanks, Jim B - looks like the ticket!

And for those that follow, if you’ve reassigned F6 to something else, the automation panel can be accessed under the “Project” tab.

At least mildly frustrating that this didn’t come across in the preferences. For people that set things once a long time ago and aren’t in the practice of changing them, it can be a bummer when they don’t port over from earlier versions.

Yes it’s off by default, you must have enabled it in you older version. I didn’t have to enable it again after the upgrade to C9, but then again I was upgrading from C8.5 that could be why.

Jim B many thanks for that. :confused: :open_mouth: :smiley:

And then you get the fun part of not being to see some of the automation lines clearly because they’re too light, depending on the track color. :frowning: