Where is My Cubase6???

I purchased Cubase6 via Steinberg’s Website on January 19th and I have yet to hear anything on when I can expect it? Has everyone else received their package? Is anyone else still waiting?

I got it on 20th of Jan (the Netherlands) Overseas shipping will cost some time…

I got my update fairly quickly too (living in France). Maybe you should send an email to Ask.net (the company that handles the Steinberg shop, at least in Europe).

I sent them an Email and a couple of days later phoned them, they then dispatched it straight away, I got it three days later in UK.

I ordered on 20th, received on 28th in Spain (would have been 27th but for delivery mess up)


Everyone in from Europe it seems received their Cubase6 fairly quickly… Any North Americans out there who did or didn’t receive Cubase6 yet? I’m in Philly and haven’t received anything other than the confirmation email I with my authorization code.


& this one which may not be good news for you


I’m in Boston MA. I received shipping notice last week with delivery scheduled for Thursday. I hope UPS uses dog sleds.

LOL… Boston I feel for you… I know we are going to get hit hard in Philly (UPS Might Need Ice Skates) but Boston will probably get hit even worse…

As for my Cubase6… I called AskNet and talked to their customer service department. They said the item is in stock and I should be receiving my shipment notification sometime this week (Maybe as early as tomorrow). He also added People who have ordered from the 13th are still in process… I ordered mine on the 19th so I guess I might be a little bit later in their shipping process. But at least I can feel a bit more relieved knowing it’s on it’s way.