Where is my cursor going to...?

I bought one license (I’m the only user!) and installed Wavelab Pro 11 on two identical PC’s (an office PC and a studio pc; only difference between them is one has a graphics card for 3 monitors and the other one has 4).

On one installation when playing a song, the green cursor in the lower screen disappears after in this case 8 seconds. I have two screendumps available but I’m not allowed to share these here…

On the other PC the below screen “jumps together with the way the cursor goes…” and that is how I want it.

Sorry but I really don’t know how to put this in a better way… I hope you understand what I mean. What setting do I have to change? Thanks in advance for your help!

What audio hardware?

Thx for your response! For playback I’m using D&R Airence broadcastmixer. For recording Audio 4DJ, also usb interface. Has it something to do with hardware?

Aren’t you speaking about the playback cursor?
Same hardware on the two computers?

On the PC (Studio PC) with the cursor problem the D&R Airence mixer with build in sound cards for playback and the Audio4DJ soundcard for recording. On the Office PC on which the cursor works like I expect only an Audio4DJ soundcard is connected for playback. Do you think it has something to do with hardware? I thought that it is a question of a software setting which I can’t find…

What audio driver, ASIO?