Where Is My DAC?

I have a perpetual license for Dorico 3.5. I just purchased an upgrade from 3.5 to 4. I have an invoice for the upgrade that I purchased via PayPal (RE-2370004005).
When I try to run 4, Activation Manager says I don’t have a license. My online account doesn’t show a license either. I never got a DAC in my email, just an invoice and I tried all of the numbers in the attachment. None of them are a DAC. My eLicenser doesn’t show Dorico 4 either, just my perpetual 3.5. Even after running maintenance it still doesn’t show 4.

Not that this will solve your problem (although I expect someone from the Development Team will contact you shortly) but the eLicenser will never show Dorico 4, since that is maintained solely by the Steinberg Activation manager. Your ownership of a license should, however, certainly appear in your Steinberg Account.

@mjsyts, did you only receive an email from PayPal, or did you also receive an email from AskNet and/or the Steinberg Online Shop? If you received that email, the activation code you need to use will have been included in that email. If you didn’t receive it, please send me a private message with as many details as you can about your order, and I’ll ask my colleagues who have access to the online shop systems to look it up for you.