Where is my download assistant access code?

Where do i find information about how to obtain the download assistant access code???

Why is this so complicated?

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Where exactly does it go wrong?

I have installed halion sonic se. The elicenser is all good. Halion opens. But no programs to load.

There are instructions on the website to install the download assistant to get the free instruments.

The download assistant is requiring a download code.

How do i get the code?

Are these the free instruments you are talking about … ?

Free VST: Alto Glockenspiel Essential | Steinberg

Free VST guitar: Guitar Harmonics Essential | Steinberg

I just downloaded both through the SDA without any problems. No code required.

Thank you for you response. I have no idea about those programs… I was instructed to use the download manager.
Yet you now tell me i don’t need a code. How should i know which menu, and which programs, do not require a code? Click on EVERYONE OF THEM???

Why is this so complicated? Steinberg is at the top of the worst software organizations I have tried to work with in 42 years of computer work. I have tried every few years for the last 20 to try to use SB programs.

I must lack some german brain genes…

Instructed by who to use the download manager for what?

The two sound sets I linked to are the only ones I’m aware of that are provided by Steinberg free of charge.

Instructed by the website, and steinberg help files.