Where is my Guitar Rig 5?!

Unbelievably frustrated here. Updated to Cubase 13 Pro from 9 and now I get a message that the plug in cannot be found. I have reinstalled native access, guitar rig 5 and updated Cubase. When I look in the VST manager, GR4 is in there but no 5. Any ideas??

the message that the plugin can’t be found, is that when you open a project? that would be a sign it is not installed in the correct location - or it could be that the plugin is blacklisted in Cubase. Did you check the plugin manager under the blacklist? or even under the regular plugins to see if it is there?

Yes. It is not in the plug in manager at all. Not in the blacklist either. What do I have to do to makke it appear in there? Why does it not automatically? Is this the fault of Cubase or NI?

You can blame the guilty party later :smiley:

find where the guitarrig.dll file is on your computer - then go to the plugin manager and add the path and rescan the plugins. Hopefully that will be it since you say the plugin is already installed.

Also make sure it is a 64 bit plugin, but Cubase will tell you if it is a 32 bit once it scans a 32 bit plugin.

Ok I can’t find that. If I look at the pluf in information for Guitar Rig 4 it says vintage-plugins.vst3. Not .dll

Screenshot 2024-05-13 185007
dll is VST2 plugin and you can put it anywhere as long as Cubase has the path designated for it.

if you have installed VST3 version it must be in the path shown on the picture (windows OS)

I’m stumped. I found a FX_64.dll file but it blacklists that if I put it in there. Can’t find any .vst3 files. This is how they get you to buy new software.