Where is my previous bought Sounds of soul ?


I had to move to a new computer recently. I could download my registered plugins, but could not find a way to download the ‘Sounds of soul’ preset pack, that i already bought a couple of years ago.

Where can i find it ?

I can’t see it on my Mysteinberg area…

Please help.

Bu the way, everytime i need to change computer is a hassle… Steinberg should do like Native Instruments do, just create a tool to download everything you already bought.


So far i simply can recover the product i bought. The support page redirects to a ‘local reseller’ that never reply my messages.

It’s a shame to spend so much money in VSTs and have this hassle to reinstall it : (

I thought they had a download/ update manager since CB9… Forgot to check it when updating CB and HALion last month though…