Where is my project file gone?

Hello, I spent the last hour writing a little arrangement on my iPad.
I made nice printout/pdf files and left the project (it had started as an xml import).
Now I can’t find the project file, it seems to have vanished.
It is not in the Recent File list.
It is not in the folder where the xml file is located (on iCloud).
I have set my preferences Default location „iCloud“.

Have you tried “On My iPad”, as well as “iCloud Drive > Dorico”?

Have you done a search in the Files.app?

(I have to say, I hate iOS’s file management (or lack thereof).)

A word of commiseration: After all these decades, it is still the file system, the simplest function of a computer, that users have the most trouble working with. Software designers keep trying new ways to make it foolproof and bulletproof, but nothing seems to help.

The IOS filesystem isn’t reliable . Strange things happen all the time. I have lost a few scores because of this system. But Dorico is responsible too for this issue , because it’s file system is totally based on the IOS . It should manage the file operations with its own algorithms like other apps do.

Which apps write their own “file operation algorithms”, exactly? That sounds like an absurd amount of work, and would likely break at the slightest change that Apple made to the low-level code that underpins their own APIs.

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Hi Ben,

Yes, I looked everywhere on the iPad, did searches by date and by name and looked in different possible locations…
Today I came home and did a search at my desktop computer, where I found the file under >iCloud>Dorico
Still, on my iPad I can’t see a Dorico folder at root level of iCloud. There is the Dorico folder „on my iPad” but the file isn’t there.
As mentioned, in an iCloud search I can’t find the file.
If I do a search on the iPad for a Folder called “Dorico” inside iCloud a Dorico folder does show up even with the little Dorico icon in the Folder icon. But when I open that folder it’s completely empty…
Remember, the project had been created on that very iPad.
This is really strange or I must be really stupid…

Apple’s own iCloud system seems seriously deficient at times on its own. I cannot use iCloud to transfer images from my iPhone to other machines; iCloud says it is “full” and invites me to subscribe for more data storage; but Apple gives me no way to effectively delete data from my current storage space to clear the inoperability and “full” messages even though I go through each device to delete old images, etc.

So I wonder if it is Apple’s own deficiencies that contribute in large part to what you are seeing. Apple needs to give users access to better iCloud management routines which, if they exist, I have not been able to find.

Derrek you could temporarily subscribe for larger iCloud storage to get your file transfer working (and afterwards cancel the subscription again).

Not having any real experience with iCloud, would that give me additional control routines over my iCloud memory? And can it be managed solely through iPhone 14 or my iPad Pro? My 2012 Mac is too old to handle the latest iCloud version.

yes Derrek, iCloud management and subscriptions can be handled easily also in iOS and iPadOS.