Where is my SE activation code

I am a Cubase user and wanted to try out Dorico SE before buying. I’ve used my Download Assistant to download the software but can’t seem to find a way to get the email that should be sent containing the activation code. And every time I go to the Dorico SE page - Dorico SE: Free music notation software | Steinberg - there doesn’t seem to be a way to request the code.
Can anyone help me with this?

I’ll send you a Dorico SE activation code via private message.

I have the same problem. How do we get an activation code for Dorico SE? I tried to chat with support but they are closed.

Seems like quite a barrier to adoption …


Any chance you could send a code to me as well please?

Same situation here. I actually had a code in the past but I can’t find that email now that I want to re-install it. Help pls. Thanks.

Welcome to the forum, @Rafa_513. If you’ve already installed Dorico SE, you should be able to use the reactivation method described here to generate a new activation code. If that doesn’t work, please drop me a private message and I’ll send you a new code.

Sorry, I don’t even know how to send you a PM on this forum. The re-activate page shows nothing at all. When trying to download it again, I stop at the screen saying “look for the email (none comes) with a code and a download link”.

Click on his picture (avatar).

I do that. Then a page with his profile and no “message” options appear.

It’s probably because you’re a new forum member. You can email him at d dot Spreadbury at Steinberg dot de.

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Is this REALLY the way Steinberg wants to treat a new or potential client? Man, dorico looks great but it shouldn’t be such a workout for users to get it to work. Still thinking of cross grading from Sibelius or Notion but boy, why can’t they resend the activation code email?

What makes you think @dspreadbury can’t or won’t send you the activation by e-mail?

The forum algorithm limits new users to minimize spam. It’s not a Steinberg limitation. Again, email Daniel if he doesn’t reply here soon.

Daniel is amazing and I don’t doubt that for a second. What I mean is, working with end users myself, many people try new software willing to load it and try asap, not days after installation. I tried dorico years ago and I know I like it, which is why this kind of stuff won’t make or break it for me. But I’m ONE, and many others would understandably not even bother try a forum for a software code they were supposed to get automatically.

I agree with Rafa. I asked for a trial code for Iconica and never received it. Something is not working as it should.


FYI - Daniel sent me the code via email and it is working fine. Let’s hope they figure out whatever’s wrong with the automatic email codes.

Yes, I know. Daniel (or, for that matter, any other member of the Dorico team) does the job, but I think this should be an automatic process. And it has never worked for me and Iconica. I’ve saved 500€.

Transactional email is annoyingly difficult to get right, certainly. There are all sorts of reasons why an email might not arrive when we send it, many of which I’m sure I don’t understand. But in many cases the email will not be sent, because if you have already had an activation code for a particular product or trial, you cannot be sent another; in the eLicenser world, it is even typically the case that you could not activate that trial on your eLicenser even if you received it, because it is limited to a single trial for each product.

When the next version of Dorico SE is released, you will be able to request a new license even if you have had a previous version of Dorico SE (indeed, this will be the only way to get access to the new version), and because it will use Steinberg Licensing, it will be permanently deposited in your Steinberg ID account and will be possible to activate on three computers.

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