Where is my Tempo Track?

Yesterday I added a Tempo Track to my project (yes, I know - technically there’s always a Tempo Track, but I “added” it in the menu and made some tempo changes).

Today when I open my project I can hear the tempo changes are still there but I can’t see the track anymore. Furthermore the “Add Tempo Track” option in the popup menu is grayed out (see screen shot). I can still invoke the full-screen tempo editor via Ctrl-T but where is it in my track list, like it was yesterday? BTW I’ve set “Show All Used Automation” in the menu.

Thanks in advance.

First thing I can think of to check is to open the left pane, click the ‘visibility’ tab, and make sure the track hasn’t been hidden or disabled by accident.

I know I’ve lost ‘sight’ of tracks before…accidental random key tap or whatever just ‘hid’ them.


It looks like you have a hidden Track in the Project window, only 7 of 8 tracks are showing? Could the tempo track have been inadvertently hidden or filtered out ?
Controls to change this setting are here:

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That was it! (thanks!)

But I’ve literally never used the Visibility tab for anything - this post is the first time I’ve ever gone there since getting Cubase - so there must be some other place it can accidentally get hidden.

Yes, probably accidentally hit a key that hid it.
I think the one that always got me was accidentally tapping the / key.
Enables/Disables a track? Or maybe I ran a Macro or Project Logic Editor that got it.