Where is Nuage ?


There are countless forums about the softs made by Steinberg, but where do we speak about Nuage ? I know that Nuage isn’t a SB product, but…


I would like to see nuage forum here as well.
We ask Nuage questions on Nuendo forum anyway, so why not?



What’s the problem with asking your questions here?
There are a bunch of Nuage users present here.


I think they’re just requesting a Nuage specific sub-forum since that’s a small but specific group of users and a complex piece of hardware.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Yes Fredo, but a lot of other SB audio or human interfaces have their own forum. And not all Nuendo users uses Nuage.

There are forums for Nuendo 10, 8, 7 ,6 where there are probably some hidden questions and answers about Nuage. So that is not absolutely strange to me to have a sub-forum for that device.



I asked about this over a year ago. +1

Good idea.

+1 that would be nice

maybe they would post pictures please? :slight_smile: