Where is Padshop Pro?

Hi guys,

Bought the Padshop Pro upgrade today, when I run the installer it seems to simply update the existing ‘Basic’ version to the latest version (i.e. No changes).

Padshop Pro Upgrade from Padshop (Basic Upgrade) - Program, Filename: Padshop_Update_1.1.0.134_Installer_win.exe

I currently have Cubase Artist 8.5.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

George Wood

If I recall correctly Padshop and Padshop pro are identical. When you download the pro licence onto your dongle the pro features only get unlocked.

That’s correct, unless you bought the Zero Gravity instrument bundle there’s nothing else to install, Padshop will automatically become Padshop Pro.

Thwnks for the speedy reply,

I was sure I read that 8.5 came with Padshop basic, it seems I was wrong then?


George Wood

No, thats right.
When you nought pro, you must have got an activation code.
Use that and Padshop unlocks the pro features

You’re right,

Entered the Activation code and the Pro licence was downloaded to my dongle - happy days!


George Wood