Where is "Quick Controls" in CB6 ?

I saw a nifty YouTube tutorial for CB4 or 5 where you could quickly selectively map/assign up to 8 knobs on your control surface to a CB midi, VSTi plug in knob or other parameter by moving the knob as I recall. I can’t seem to find it in my CB6. Has it gone away ?
I know you can download a control surface profile like for my Axiom 49. But it just assigns whatever is in the profile with no customizing. In looking at my book on CB6 they refer to “Quick Controls” for controlling up to 8 midi parameters which looks similar. But it doesn’t appear they are controlled by assigned knobs/sliders/buttons on the external control surface and no instructions on how to do so.
Specifically I’d like to selectively assign a few buttons quickly on my Axiom 49 (non Pro version) to various CB6 functions by some kind of “auto learn” or moving the buttons I want to use as controls and clicking on the CB6 functions they are to control (e.g. no pre-canned map) just like was shown in the CB4 Youtube video.
But I can’t seem to find a similar programming feature in CB6. Is it gone ?
(Needless to say I’m a newbie to this stuff…) Thanks for any clues.


It is there. Operation Manual page 337.
This might help too…
You have to create a login to get the DirectLink/Hypercontrol drivers because they are “unsupported” but they work great for me with the Axiom Pro and Cubase 6.


Thanks all for the quick and helpful response for this newb. Guess I fell asleep around page 315…