Where is 'Record' located on the Key Command list?

Where is ‘Record’ located on the Key Command list?
Trying to edit the Record key command, couldn’t find it, and can’t hit num* on this mac keyboard.

Unsurprisingly you’ll find it under Transport.


The best way, how to find any Key Command in the list of Key Commands (or function, you don’t know if there is Key Commands) in general is to trigger the function (from GUI, menu or via Key Command), and then immediately open the Key Commands window. The last triggered function is selected.

Wow, great tip! Thank you.

Thanks Martin.Jirsak that is a great tip!

You could use the Search facility in the Key Command, too.

I would imagine they tried this and got bored after the first twenty results were for other functions with the word record in them but not just “record”.